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Donations can be made in the following ways: Direct Deposit to the Friends of Sammy-Joe Foundation: The details are: The TTD, CS, XPD TRUST FUND, FRIENDS OF SAMMY-JOE FOUNDATION. COMMONWEALTH BANK, CRAIGIEBURN, VICTORIA, 3064 063 875 1029 7747 for Trichothiodystrophy Xerodermapigmentosum Cockayne Syndrome TFund Our ABN number is 33143598689. We are a charitable trust and we do issue receipts. Please let me know if you have deposited some funds and send me your address to or call me on 0407 558 151, and we can send you a thankyou note as well as a receipt for payment. Please do make sure you let me know if you do deposit, this way we can acknowledge your donation. Thanks so much. Hugs, Maria Liistro The money deposited will go to helping children and young adults still surviving with this condition, and in helping to create a better life for them. Send a Cheque to: The TTD, CS, XPD TRUST FUND or FRIENDS OF SAMMY-JOE FOUNDATION, 13 Hursley Court, Craigieburn, Victoria 3064 Australia Donate at One of the Following Web Sites: GoFundMe Facebook Active Giving - Racing to Save Sammy-Joes Life and Raising Awareness GoFundraise Craigieburn Community Group Fundraising Page Purchase an Item at Sammy-Joe’s Fundraising Shop at Cafepress Purchase an Entertainment Book Online All donations gratefully received and acknowledged. Thank you so much for your support.
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