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Maria’s Letters About Sammy-Joe & Christian

A Letter I Wrote About Sammy-Joe

Most of the time before Sammy-Joe entered the world, I would walk around as if sleepwalking. I really didn't experience the world fully because I was half asleep doing things we automatically think we have to do. Then I was faced with the fact that I could lose my first born child, and everything changed. Facing death changes all that. You strip away all that stuff and you focus on essentials when you realise that someone you love could die - you see things differently. We are born to love certain souls into full being, unconditionally. Certain souls are born to love us the same way - some we give birth to, some we meet in the playground of life, others are our partners. We turn toward some, we turn away from others. Our choice to walk toward or turn away from becomes our destiny, our deeply personal love affair. But in the end there is only one love. It's in the hearts of those who are suffering. These special beings and their families are the true heroes of life - the awakened souls, I call them. Sometimes it is hard for those who decide to walk away from us because they cannot face what we have to deal with day by day, and today I realised that. I lost a friend who could no longer watch what Sammy-Joe has to go through. That was her choice to walk away and love him from afar. She asked me one question, and that was "When did you make the shift from victim to survivor?" So I end this note to you, my new found friends, with this question. I know my answer. It is because I love Sammy-Joe unconditionally, and I am now seeing the world through his beautiful eyes.

A Letter I Wrote About Christian

My son Christian, you came to me from God. Your love is so

grand, and you fill a room with happiness and delight. Life hasn't

been easy for you - you have had to do a lot of waiting in

hospitals and have never complained. I am proud of your ability

to laugh in the face of constant change in your life. You stand

right beside your brother Sammy-Joe and constantly try and

protect him from harm. We are proud and love you for your

beautiful charming ways and caring and passionate soul. I worry

that you miss out on life's adventures because of what life has

brought us with having a beautiful Sammy-Joe. You never

complain and accept your family as we are.

Always remember that we love and adore you as equally as we love Sammy-Joe, and if it were you in his place, our determination and strength to fight for a cure would be as equally strong. You amaze me with your maturity and understanding of all our situations, especially all the hospital visits and stays. You too are my pride and joy, and reason for living. Becoming a mum has been the best thing to happen to me and I embrace motherhood with love, joy and honor. There is no place I would rather be than with my boys - you are all I need in life, Christian and Sammy-Joe. I love you. You were given to us as a gift from God, at a time when we thought that we couldn't have any other children, and then we were blessed with you. We feel so blessed to have you in our lives and we are proud of the way you handle life's dramas. You keep standing tall my boy, and keep on bouncing that ball of life! We love you.
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